La corte dei Tarocchi


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Limited edition tarot printed by Il Meneghello.



Height 13
Width 5
Cards in deck 78


La corte dei Tarocchi /The Court of Tarot/

Printed by : Il Meneghello.

Number of cards: 78 -  Condition - New

Titles on cards and booklet is on Italian.

Size cm. 13/5

This is a favorite in any collection. The artwork is enchanting. It comes in a lovely sturdy box with a sample card from the deck and a hot wax seal on the cover (shown below) and the 78 cards are on sturdy matte cardstock. According to Osvaldo, the originals were engraved on zinc with a water dye technique and then retouched by hand. 

A Review of La Corte Dei Tarocchi on Tarot Passages by Mark Filipas


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