The Tarot of Prague 3rd ed

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Техническо описание

Height 12.5
Width 7.8
Cards in deck 81

Повече информация

This is the third edition.

The deck features a beautiful metallic overlay—and only 1500 will be printed with 1300 released for sale.
This is NOT a guaranteed Limited Edition (see  large format limited edition deck.)

Baba "standard size" fully illustrated cards, 125 * 78 mm (about 5 * 3 inches) plus an "extra" Death card and Sun card and a title card (81 cards in all).
Only minor changes have been made to the imagery , but all images now have metallic overlay.
Printed on high quality 320 gram "deluxe" playing card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing.
Booklet (LWB) with meanings and guide for use


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