Tarocco Soprafino


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Limited Edition - 2000 decks.

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Техническо описание

Height 10.5
Width 6
Cards in deck 78

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Tarocco Soprafino.

Printed by : Il Meneghello

Limited Edition - 2000 decks.

Number of cards: 78 -  Condition - New

Titles on cards and booklet is on Italian.

 Soprafino tarot  is a gorgeous reproduction of the original 78 card deck of F. Gumppenberg (Milan), which dates back to around 1835. Faux stains add appeal to the antique look of the unvarnished cards. Lovely and vintage looking tarot. The booklet is in Italian. Backs are reversible. Size:  10. 5 x 6, cm. 

A Review by Michele Jackson


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