22 Arcani Tabacco

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Limited Edition – 1500 decks.

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Техническо описание

Height 8
Width 5
Cards in deck 22

Повече информация

22 Arcani Tabacco

Printed by : Il Meneghello 1980

Limited Edition – 1500 decks.

Number of cards: 22 -  Condition - New

Titles on cards and booklet is on Italian.

Size cm. 8/5

The Tobacco Tarot is a small size set of Trumps, each presenting an aspect of the tobacco culture (specifically pipes & cigars) represented by the Major Arcana. It is published in a limited, numbered series in Italy and also distributed by U.S. Games, Inc. The paper 'wrap around' of the inner sleeve that keeps the cards intact, looks like a fancy cigar wrapper seal and has the image of a dog and the old street address of Il Meneghello. All the cards in this trump set depict aspects of the smokers culture, mostly related to pipes.


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