Insetti in 22 Arcani Tarocchi


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22 Major Arcana Insect Themed Tarot Deck Set

A Very Limited Edition (250 decks), Decorated Cardboard Box

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Height 14
Width 10
Cards in deck 22

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Insetti in 22 Arcani Tarocchi

22 Major Arcana Insect Themed Tarot Deck Set

A Very Limited Edition(250 decks), Decorated Cardboard Box

Signed, Numbered by Osvaldo Menegazzi

This is a beautifully large sized deck of the cards in a decorated cardboard box and is also a numbered, limited edition of 250 decks with exquisite attention to detail. Each card has a painting of an insect which corresponds and shares characteristics of the meanings of that Major Arcana. The box has Tarot art from the deck fastened to the top as well as Osvaldo's signature hot-wax seal.  Details about the set are handwritten on an additional card adhered to the side of the box. Each set has a hand written, numbered signature card done in lovely calligraphy on specialty paper.

A very limited collectable edition  that is a rare and wondrous treasure!


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