22 Arcani 'I Gatti Buffi'


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Funny Cats - Limited edition.

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Техническо описание

Height 13
Width 9
Cards in deck 22
Black & White tarot decks. B&W

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Original Cat Tarot Deck 
Created by: Osvaldo Menegazzi 
22 Arcani 'I Gatti Buffi'/Funny Cats (a regular size deck) 
B&W, 22 Major Arcana deck.
Printed on high quality, textured card stock. Limited, numbered edition of 2000 that came out during 1990.

The size is around 9 / 13 cm (3 1/2'' x 5')
These kitties are more playful and mischievous, while with the smaller version deck, the cats seem a bit more sophisticated and majestic.


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