Tarocco Metaforico

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A Very Limited Edition /250 decks/. 

The box has the Il Meneghello hot wax seal .
Signed & Numbered by Artist: Osvaldo Menegazzi

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$ 72.82

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Техническо описание

Height 16
Width 10
Cards in deck 22

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A Very Limited Edition /250 decks/. 

Size -16/10 cm.

22 cards - Major arcana deck.

A deck of gorgeous calligraphy designs based on the Major Arcana. Each letter corresponds to the name of the card and shares characteristics of the meanings of that Major Arcana. A Tarot card from the set adorns the front (mounted on thick cardstock so it has a 3D effect), as well as Osvaldo's signature hot-wax seal.Each set has a signed & numbered signature card in lovely handwritten calligraphy on specialty paper. The deck is wonderfully illustrated and the artwork is mounted on thick card-stock with a dark brown paper wrapping around to the front of the cards and folded down at each corner, giving it a classy, antique look.  A personal favorite, it is a rare and fabulous treasure to behold! 

Limited edition of 250 sets.


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