Nuovo Gioco di Tarocchi con Personaggi Napoleonici


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Napoleonic Historical Tarot Limited edition 2000 decks.

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Техническо описание

Height 11
Width 6
Cards in deck 78

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78 Card Tarot deck Nouvel Jeu De Tarots Avec Les Personnages Napoleoniens.
One of two tarots by Menegazzi about Napoleon. 
Limited Edition 0f 2000 
Size: 2.36 '' x 4.33 inches, 6 x 11 cm., 60/110 mm. 
Publisher: Il Meneghello, 1983

This is a handsomely illustrated, 78 card deck presenting vignettes, personalities and attire of the Napoleon era.

It is a limited edition series of 2,000 copies, published in 1983.

Minor arcana have suit symbols and each suit features a different medal from that era.

Box style: sturdy slipcover with tie ribbons.



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