Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How to shop from  

You can shop as guest or as customer after filling Login form.

3 Easy steps to create account.  Watch demo

How are shipping cost Calculates?

Shipping cost are based on weight of the package and destination. You can see table here.


Can  combine 2 or more items in one order?

Yes ,you can add many things in 1 order , but we cannot combine two separate orders.


What does backorder mean?

These items are not available to ship immediately because we  are in the process of securing additional inventory 
from our suppliers.  We  post expected delivery date.


How to pay?

We accept  Paypal payments. 
If you want to pay with major cards (Visa, Mastercard)  without Paypal  or
for  additional payment methods please contact with us.


From where do get Promotional codes?

 To get promotional codes you must subscribe to our newsletter or 
to like our Facebook page , follow us on Twitter or subscribe for our Youtube channel.


Where can i track my shipment?

You can track shipment here with tracking number you received after purchase. here

 Aftership Tracking Aftership tracking            DPD tracking DPD Tracking

How to get Free shipping for orders over 99 EUR?

You can use  FREE shipping for orders over 99 EUR . 
The discount automatically applied at checkout. See demo.


How long will I get my purchase?

Depending on the service you choose, and the destination where it should be sent  
(Between 7-30 days).


I have not received a new password after requesting?

Please check your junk or spam folder in your Inbox.
10 easy steps to recover password or change existing one. Watch Video.
Is there additional taxes in my country?

Orders may be subject to import tax, depending on the location from which the order was placed.

We advice to check this before order to be placed. We are not responsible for such taxes.

My shipment is returned to the shipper. What to do?
When we receive parcel back we will inform you to arrange re-Shipment.
You will be responsible re-shipment costs.
This is short guidance how e-shop working.
Before buying  please check is there will be import taxes in your country. Tarot Bulgaria ltd. is not responsible for this taxes.

For more questions Contact us