22 Arcani in 22 Numeri


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Tarot of Numbers 22 Major Arcana.

A Very Limited Edition (250 numbered sets )

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Height 14
Width 10
Cards in deck 22

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22 Arcani in 22 Numeri / Tarot of Numbers 22 Major Arcan

A Very Limited Edition (250 numbered sets ),  Decorated Cardboard Box with the il Meneghello hot wax seal.

Signed & Numbered by the Artist: Osvaldo Menegazzi

This set became available in late 2008.

Cards: 5 1/2" long x 4'' wide - 14 cm x 10.16 cm 

A deck of numbers drawn from many cultures and designed by artisan Osvaldo Menegazzi. Each number corresponds to and shares characteristics of the meaning of a particular Major Arcana. The box is equally magnificent.  Each set has a signed & numbered signature card in beautifully handwritten calligraphy on specialty paper. The deck is wonderfully illustrated and the artwork is mounted on thick cardstock with a dark brown paper wrapping around to the front of the cards and folded down at each corner, giving it a classy, antique look. This very limited edition is a rare and wonderful set that any Tarot or art collector would prize!


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