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List of products by manufacturer Curio & Co

Curio & Co. understands collecting and collectors. 

Curio & Co. creates collectibles and memorabilia from an alternate history to play with the power of nostalgia. At first glance, their products – ranging from animation production drawings from a fictional TV show, to limited edition books about the ‘lost’ work of a beloved artist – look like they fit in with other similar collectibles. But upon a closer look it is clear that the playful world is made up, and a little bit peculiar. You can immerse yourself fully in this complete world, as all of the details of each product have been entirely developed down to the names and histories of the original production studios to the aged look of paper or drawings – even the company itself is ‘in character’ on the website. Finally, each item contains little ‘Easter egg’ hints to other products in our universe. And finding these connections is part of the fun.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item