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Height 11
Width 6
Cards in deck 78+1

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Tarot of Musterberg

The Tarot of Musterberg is a beautiful deck in Marseille style from the minds of Curio & Co., creators of a charming fictional world. The cards were designed to simulate decks from the 1700s or even older – right down to the unique pattern of wear on the back of each card. A distinct feature of the deck is the addition of a 79th card – the Siren – as the highest Major Arcana.

The cards were designed and printed in Austria, with art by Cesare Asaro. Only 250 units were produced, and this limited edition has been printed on archival quality, acid-free paper with a fine lacquer coat, to give you the closest feeling of holding original cards from the period.

Tarot of Musterberg brings back the cards used at the Pennyland Amusement Park in the turn of the 20th century.  The cards, however, did have an interesting history. Created sometime in the early 1700s, the design became popular for its unique inclusion of a 79th card: The Musterberg Deck is the only one to have a Siren card as the highest Major Arcana or trump card. Most importantly, the deck was redone for Pennyland where it was the exclusive deck of “The Great Beyond” for prognosticators in the Fortune Teller tent.


Cards: 79 cards for game play and divination, plus 1 blank card

Size: 2.4 x 4.3 in (6 x 11 cm)

Paper: Acid-free paper



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